How We Make Your Child Happy & Grow Up Talented 

Our Approach to Pre-School Education

There are two simple, but important questions that we ask ourselves when creating our approach to pre-school education:

  • How can we develop each child to his/her full potential ready for Primary One?
  • How can we ensure each child feels safe and happy?

We want children under our care to be ready for Primary One when they graduate from us – we believe that children who are able to read and write with confidence, have good numeracy skills, are outgoing, independent & respectful to others, as well as being aware of their own potential and talent, will be ready to face the world, to shine in the face of new challenges that come his or her way. Children will be happy if they feel safe and secure coming to our centre each and every day, enjoying and having fun as they engage with teachers as well as interact and play with friends. Children thus become happy talents, realizing their potential and ready to move on to the next stage in their educational journey.

Our strategy focuses on Teachers & Curriculum.



We recruit only the best of teachers. Our teachers are qualified in early childhood education and are trained in first aid to ensure both the wellbeing & safety of every child. All our teachers are passionate and dedicated to their calling; they are committed to continuous professional upgrading, ensuring that their approach and what they impart is relevant to the times. Every teacher respects each child as an individual, respecting each child with his or her own strengths and needs, giving each the space to grow.


Our goal is to nurture a sense of discovery, joy and wonder in every child. Our curriculum design is focused on ensuring that each child learns effectively & happily. Every child is guided on a road of self-discovery with our curriculum along key domains:

  • curr-1

    Cognitive Development
    We build children’s mental processes needed to think, make sense of the world and understand knowledge across different subjects, including mathematics, science and social studies.

  • curr-2

    Language & Literacy Development
    We develop each child’s ability to read & convey ideas, thoughts and feelings through speaking and writing.

  • curr-3

    Social & Emotional Development
    We encourage children to express & regulate feelings and develop good interpersonal skills with others. Children are also taught self-regulation and persistence in the face of new challenges.

  • curr-4

    Physical Development & Wellness
    Children are encouraged to build & develop their psychomotor skills and what is needed to lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • curr-5

    Creative Expression
    We help your child creatively explore the arts, movement, drama and music. Many platforms are provided for your child to express himself or herself.

Join us at Happy Talent Childcare Centre

With our clearly focused and well designed curriculum delivered by our well trained teachers, we ensure that your child will realise his potential & talent, as well as enjoy his time as a happy, well-adjusted child to school.

We know choosing the right early childhood education centre for your child is crucial and important for your child’s development. We will provide what is needed for your child.

Schedule a visit to our centre today and learn more about our curriculum, teachers & learning environment!

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